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About Green Rooftops
History, Benefits, Applications




green roof icelandGreenroof technology was first experimented with in Germany over 30 years ago, inspired by the rugged sod roofs and walls that prevailed in Iceland for hundreds of years. The popularity of green rooftops has spread throughout Europe over the past several years, in large part due to their positive environmental attributes. Though not as common yet in the United States, the technology has been implemented and met with great success in several locations. As urban sprawl increases and the greenhouse effect continues its detrimental impact, greenroofs will become an increasingly important option for contractors, developers, and owners.




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Aesthetics: The soothing nature of plants enhances a building's appearance and can provide a natural outdoor area for occupant use.


Reduces the Heat Island Effect by about 5-10 degrees F.


Increased energy efficiency thanks to added roof insulation.


Irrigation is often limited or unnecessary.


Suitable for large roof areas.


Stormwater Runoff Control: Plant varieties and greenroof depth act as controls. Four inches of plantings and soil can absorb as much as 1" of water during a rainstorm.


Lightweight: Minimal degree of structural impact.


Acoustical Benefit: Five inches of plant medium can lower noise by as much as 40 decibels.


Reduced Air Pollution: Greenroofs process airborne toxins and re-oxygenate.




Urban Areas

Office buildings, parking structures, housing blocks, restaurants


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For single and multi-family communities.


Industrial and Commercial

Malls, gas stations, factories, warehouses, shopping centers


Local, State, and Federal Structures

Schools, recreational facilities, restrooms, maintenance buildings


Environmental Centers

Recycling centers, botanical gardens, conservatories



Terminals, maintenance buildings, hangers


Entertainment Industry

Resorts, cruise ships, theme parks, specialty businesses


Care Facilities

Hospitals, daycare centers, nursing homes, rehab facilities